Not Again

I said it again. Shit

I wanted to rear up off his lap and stand on my own two feet and scream

I didn't say "Daddy I'll be good!"

"You ain't my daddy and you never will be."

Considering what we were doing last night it is a very good thing.

Ouch!!!!!!! Damn he knows how to spank me Fuck it.

I am an adult I don't need this. I am functional I don't want to be
spanked Damn it all I am 32 years old

Ouch Stop it.

Damn there went my briefs, Oh No how what Please not the hair brush not
the hair brush just the hand just the hand please not the hair brush.

Ouch That's his hand bloody mutant

I can hold out he is older and he has to be getting tired

Ouch Shit

I didn't mean it I'm sorry


I'm sorry I'll behave

Damn was that my outside voice

OK OK I give up he is right

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