My mouth kissing and nipping down from her oh so pretty navel.

Lapping at the crisp hairs guarding her pleasure points. Those hairs
waving in the breeze of my breath as I lean in to lick and tease. Her
right hand spanks down on my bare unprotected backside.

I rear back to see her grin, quickly overlay-ed by her Top LOOK.

Now she purrs in that silky dangerous voice. the one that sends
chills up my spine.

"Did you go somewhere without asking your Top?"
her hand cupping my stinging butt slowly sliding down toward the center
and then in between my legs. Her fingers brushing my mound her voice and
the sting of her hand made my clit twitch as a gush of wetness and
warmth spread though me.

" Not me my Lady" I giggled hugging her and pushing her back into the bed.

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