Business Trip

Alan stood in one corner and Peter in one on the other end of the
master bedroom. Four pairs of cheeks were blushing; the lower pairs were
not blushing as much as a fiery red. Russ had to grin at the sight of
his brats standing in the corners. He tossed the hairbrush on the bed
and started to remove his sodden jeans and tee shirt.

"If I have chaffing on my tender skin for wearing these wet jeans all day
boys, you are going to be very sorry before dinner", he complained.

"Yes Sir", came a watery voice from Alan followed by a suppressed cough
from Peter, then a contrite, "Yes Sir."

Russ stomped into the master bath and shut the door firmly.

Peter was chucking openly as his hands rubbed at his hot bare butt and
Alan stated to giggle again.

Alan looked over to Peter and said, "Did you see his face?"

Peter was across the room in a second taking his younger lover in his
arms hugging him and laughing openly.

"Are Tops allowed to stomp and slam doors Peter?" Alan asked looking oh
so innocent

Peter laughed harder and tried to smother Alan's laughter in his shoulder.

"I can hear you both!" snarled Russ from the shower.

This set Peter off again and Alan tried to shut him up by pressing his
arm around Peter's laughing mouth.

"Three days in Orlando, Alan! Three days!" Peter said as they were packing.

Well, Peter was packed and he was helping Alan unpack. "You need shorts
and tee shirts, you don't need your entire wardrobe", Peter said in exasperation
as he tossed out another pair of slacks on the bedroom floor.
"We just need carry-ons He has to dress. He has to be the business man. We
are going to Florida for fun and sun for three days."

It was January and the outside temperature was in the low 30s. No snow,
not even for Christmas. Russ had come home that night with tickets for all
of them. He had a business meeting and he thought that the Florida sunshine
and the warm temperatures would be a nice break. Alan and Peter had used
some of their money to buy park hopper passes and the hotel had shuttle
service to the parks in the area.

They had had a great time. This was the last day, the meetings were over.
Russ had arranged everything so they had one last day at the park of
their choice. The guys had toured each park and the night before they
discussed long into the evening which would be best to spend the day.

"I don't DO roller coasters!" Russ stated emphatically as he shuddered as
the three of them watched a group of cars reach the top and then, as far
as Russ could see, fell in free fall. His stomach dropped in sympathy and
he turned a slight pale white. Both guys were nodding with a look of
feigned understanding as their eyes were a spark with the idea of riding
that. They heard their partner say this over and over again. He could
tell they did not understand what he was saying. Peter and Alan dragged him
to the front of one of the long lines just to watch. When the floor of
the cars retracted so the riders' feet were dangling Russ shook his head.

"No Way!" he said it that firm tone both guys knew all too well.

Peter looked over to Alan and they walked dejectedly down the line. Peter
was trying hard to explain it was totally safe and they would actually
be pulling 6Gs. Russ just repeated even more firmly, "I don't DO
roller coasters!"

They all stood outside the lines, with Peter and Alan standing in front of
Russ as they tried to cajole and convince their partner that it was fun.
Russ was getting a bit upset; he thought he made his statement very clear.
They could ride, he would wait, and then they could do other rides that
didn't involve G forces that astronauts had to face when they launched from
the cape just a few miles down the road.

Alan was nodding and Peter was looking up. Russ knew that he wasn't
getting anywhere with them. He did however know his own stomach and he
was feeling just a bit put out when suddenly both his loving partners
hooted with laughter and dashed away from him. At that moment a huge wave
of ice cold water flew over the plexiglass guard and drenched Russ to the

They had stood him in front of the end of the log flume ride.

Drenched to the skin, the entire park heard a full throated roar, "You
brats are so dead!!"

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