Not Our Fault - Part 1

'Not Our Fault' by Randy Williams

I sighed and wondered if maybe more Advil would help. So I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed again.

You see I am a Top. I have the usual aversion to over medication, the usual
aversion to lying. I am morally upright and I have the eye brow. I can spot a lie or a shaded truth faster then a speeding bullet. Yet here I am standing here looking at two young men, well my young men, really my brats actually. I do have to admit they do look good. Wait, wait. Stop, rewind Not our fault. Hmmmm.

You see I have been gone on a business trip for three days. Working and sweating to make a hearth and home for our little family.Well sweating if you call being trapped in conference rooms with stuff shirts work, and believe me it is and it can be a bit sweaty. So here I am jet lagged to hell and back. My back hurts from the lousy seats on the plane. Or any plane unless I get first class. I am suffering from airplane scotch, airplane meals and feel like my body has not showered in about a month. What has been keeping me going for the last leg of the never ending flights is thoughts of coming home. Home to my boys and the wonderful sexy raunchy welcome home sex that should ensue after this far too long absents.

Now before you grab any phone to report child abuse, I call them my boys but
they are of age. Really we all are of age. Believe me I am feeling everyone of my 40 something years. They look, well they look like they should be models. They both have that freshly showered look and well no shirt and those jeans.... Wait wait, rewind, rewind.

"Not our fault!"

Hold on to that, concentrate. Not our fault. Not our fault. Just keep saying
that. Stop thinking about Peter's chest, stop looking at Alan's white brief
line. Stop it . You're a Top, act like it.

It is time to let loose the Top sense. I know people have heard of the Force. Well it is something like that or something more like a Spidy Sense if you read comics.

So Peter has that look; chin out eyes look a bit sleepy body almost relaxed.
Still there is something. Alan well his eyes are a give away, he looks guilty trying hard not to look guilty. With that head cock like it does when he is about to tell a whopper.

Taking in a huge breath of air.

"OK then Peter your corner, Alan your corner. NOW!", I snap. "I am going to have a shower then we can all discuss how it is not your fault that there is a beer keg floating in the pool. Now MARCH!"


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