Where To Go?

When spinning out of control. When you can see the wall coming at you at great speed. Where can you go?

Boy's or boi's or subs or brats can and will look for that wonderful comfort of a well warmed butt, the blessed outburst of tears, the comfort of a stinging sore butt, and the warm hard arms of a man, Top, or Dom holding you as you hide in that comfort zone at the juncture of neck and shoulder, inhaling the scent and comfort of a man. A lap bend over and now a fortress protecting.

When the sting of a bare butt stops the spin. The sharp crack of the paddle or strap clarifies the mind. The love flows and the spin settles from a vortex to a calm ride.

Where does a Top go, or worse a brat without a Top. We have nothing, we are caught in the spinning vortex. For some we can grasp a spar and hang on for dear life. Closing our eyes and trying to will the strength back. To close the shields. To become a Man. After all, men stand on their own. This is a lie. This eats at us. Are we not men? Where do men go for help?

When the pain of life, the hurt and the sadness pile on. Where do we go? Many might try the path of drink or drugs. It does help, but not for long and not without its own very real danger. Where can we go? Where do we get the relief? A nod, a hug, the buffet of a shoulder.

The light is pale, the darkness is so vast. Where is my man? Where is my Prometheus with his fire to beat back the dark. It isn't the fear of pain. It is the fear the pain will be all and the redemption of caring and love will be unshared. Will contempt rule? Will a Top understand? A Top would; would a man? Yes, if he were a man. Tops need love too!

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