It's been done. The service, the endless paperwork, all the friends and family trying to help and support me

He is gone. I am alone.

We had talked about this, we knew what each of us wanted. I was older and I was supremely sure I would be the first one to go.

I sit on our bed, my bed now. It is huge, it never was before. A wide gulf empty. I need to move. I can't sit here.

It crashes over me again. He's gone. I want it to be a dream. I want him.

Hanging on the post his work shirt. I press it to my face. He is here. I can smell his aftershave, his warmth, his scent.

The tears begin again.


  1. Beautiful and poignant. This really touched me. Thank you.


  2. Echoes of my own loss. Still too painful to believe.
    ---Lost in Stone Mountain