The Clothes Make The Man

In honor of the Halloween season.

"Ohhh My God," came a groan somewhere south of Peter's head. He cracked his eyes open and suddenly thought better of it. It would be much better in the dark. However, it wasn't dark at all, rather it was far far too bright. Way too bright and way way too painful. The bedroom door crashed open and two sets of eyes snapped open, igniting a hangover headache with a vengeance.

"Aww, my boys breakfast is here!" boomed Russ, with a truly wicked grin on his face. Revenge was sweet.

"Ohhhhh Godddddd," groaned the voice next to Peter as Alan suddenly bolted for the bathroom.

"You're a mean old Top and you are definitely abusing your boys," Peter snarled clutching his head. "You know that don't you?" Russ set the tray down on the table and then sat down next to Peter. He shook the bed as, without any effort, he flipped Peter over and began to spank his bare butt.

"Watch your mouth Peter," Russ snapped, with his hand resting on Peter's blazing butt. "You know, a good sound padding cures hangovers."

"Russ!" Peter whined. "My head hurts and I am hung over. I told you that it was the only costume they had available. Now my butt is on fire. It wasn't our fault. Yab Daba DO" Peter moaned theatrically.

"My heart bleeds" Russ scoffed, as he landed another hard swat on Peter's butt. "You were in leather and tight jeans and Alan was there as a young Zorro and I got stuck in that THING!" Russ landed a final brisk swat. "I looked like a idiot." He handed a cup of coffee to Peter and placed a glass of chocolate milk on the bedside table for Alan, before he disappeared into the bathroom. Peter grimaced as the hot coffee and his now hot bum combined to make sitting up a bit dodgy. He sipped at the hot coffee listening to the muted sounds of Alan and Russ in the bathroom... a calming voice, a slight whine all followed by a sharp smack. Then the taps running as the shower started.

An hour later, Alan had returned to bed after drinking his chocolate milk and Peter had also showered, but the bed continued to look better than any other alternative. He was holding his suffering partner loosely as Alan moaned and complained that his head hurt and his stomach was still upset. Peter, not too well himself, considered Russ' theory of a spanking as a hangover cure if Alan didn't start suffering in silence. Alan grumped, but he snuggled deeper into Peter's chest and soon fell a sleep.

At work, Russ entered his office carrying the costumes and hung them on the inside of his office door as Lacy Wilson entered the room from her office.

"Lace, could you have these returned today? The party is over and I feel like a prime idiot." Lacy nodded and went to the plastic covered costumes. She looked though them and stopped dead.

"Well," she said and Russ could hear the laughter in her voice. "I can see that the Zorro one would never fit and the Leather looks like Peter's bomber jacket will be needing a good cleaning, right? Oh, oh... Russ you wore that?" Her control broke and a giggle quickly was covered by a cough as he glared at her, but she continued to smile.

"Yes, I had to. It was the only thing they had in my size, because a certain two young men procrastinated until it was all the shop had left. I am going to kill them... slowly and painfully." Lacy finally broke and chuckled again.

"Several painful deaths would be fair, I would think." She was still laughing openly as she carried the costumes back to her office. Russ huffed loudly as the door shut and he tried to get back into work mode.

It was a damn costume party and it was for a good cause, but having to wear THAT had been just too much. Peter and Alan had enjoyed it all immensely and, of course, had been no help whatsoever as they couldn't stop laughing and giggling. Easy for them, they looked like 'Hot' and 'Hotter'. Peter, in his leather jacket and chaps and a soft leather cap on his head made the perfect motorcycle leather man. Alan in his black cape and mask was a perfectly sexy young Zorro. Both young men had, had a wonderful time at the charity event and Russ had enjoyed seeing them dressed like that. Of course later, he had enjoyed seeing them undressed as well. But to have to wear THAT thing was just a bridge too far and he had almost refused to go. Peter tried to tell him that they had gone to several shops but that one was the only option...

With a thought and a chuckle Russ buzzed
"Lacy has the messenger left for the costume shop yet?"

"He was planing to do it after lunch Russ is there a hurry?" Lacy said in a voice loaded with unasked questions.

"Could you do some err research for me Lacy before he returns them he might need to pick something up."

"Russell, just what do you have in that mind of yours?" She asked in a suspicious tone of voice.

"Nothing!" he chuckled. "I'm just thinking the punishment should fit the crime is all!" he said.

He really liked it when Lacy got all defensive about his boys as she called them. Lacy entered his office and he explained what he was thinking Lacy started to grin, then to chuckle. as she used her smartphone to to a search and call a few costumes shops.

"Here is one Russ." she said after a hour research "He has one that will fit. He said he didn't rent it last night because it had a problem with the internal chip it was replaced last night. We can have the messenger pick it up as he returns the other ones. Beside I want that orange spotted monstrosity with that ugly blue tie out of my office! Clients do come in there you know she said." with a huge grin.

"A chip?" Russ asked.

"Yes." replied Lacy. "Apparently this is one of the newer ones with a micro chip so you can record a few phases and it comes out sounding like him or close enough, then again there is the breathing. I hope you aren't planing to scare them too much." She said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, I think they will recover Lace I really do." Russ grinned back shaking his head. "A chip huh even better."

After the messenger returned Russ spent a very enjoyable 30 minutes working with his computer and the chip finally set as he wanted it he told Lacy he was leaving for the day.

He parked his car in the driveway so the garage door didn't go up and alert the guys who he hoped were still in recovery mode. They had had quite a lot to drink last night each of them enjoying the party and them they were each getting off at winding up the other one and Russ about his costume.

Russ killed the house alarm as he entered though the side door into the kitchen. He listened carefully and was greeted with silence. He quickly changed into his costume. Carefully he walked up the stairs to the master suite and listened at the door. Slowly he opened it. The drapes were closed and the room was dim. He could make out two forms asleep on the bed . Glad the helmet hid his face he clicked on the small speaker in the helmet Standing at the door he spoke. As the breathing sounds filled the room.

"I am your father Alan, surrender to the Dark side of the Force!"

The chip worked well and the voice was that of James Earl Jones, sounding all the world like Darth Vader. as the voice bounced off the walls. The yelp was very satisfying as Alan and Peter jumped up and out of the bed.

With his black cape flying He headed for Alan, Peter was on the other side of the bed.

Alan giggled and crawled across the bed as Russ came near to blocking him against the wall. He sleep shorts were falling and his cute butt exposed.

Peter looked wearily at the advancing caped and masked man.

Alan yelled! Peter Peter the Pillow sabers Alan grabbed one of the pillows and held it by the case and Peter grabbed another one. We are Jedi!! We are knights!! We live the good side of the Force. With that Alan dashed forward and smacked the soft pillow at the Lord of Sith's chest. Peter followed with a throw, the pillow of light landed in the mask of Darth Vader and they made a break for the door.

Alan kicked off his sleep short as they dashed down the stairs.

Weapons we need our light sabers. Alan said in his Star War's element
Peter lead him to the kitchen
Keep him busy I'll get the water guns
Alan nodded giggling as Peter in just his white briefs dashed for the pools toys on the patio.

As the deep breathing sounds were getting closer and closer

Surrender to the Dark Side intoned the well known voice and the caped figure dashed into the kitchen.

I have the hard hand of Sith, resistance is futile!! which came out in Russ's voice
Alan grabbed for the kitchen sink sprayer holding it in front of him
Mixing Star Wars and Star Trek so not good he yelled as he aimed the sprayer.

Yelling over his shoulder.

"Chewy get the Falcon ready!"

Just who are you calling a Wookie came Peter disgusted reply

As he burst into the kitchen with his super soaker at the ready.

Well you are hotter than Princess Leia Laughed Alan as he turned the water on continuing to track the costumed figure getting closer and closer.
At Peter's entrance Alan turned and that the the opening Russ was hoping for with in a flash he grabbed his partner. Holding the naked Alan in front of him he used him as a shield As the cold water from the super soaker hit Alan"s back and butt.

The water was cold and Alan yelped!!

Surrender to the Dark Side boomed the voice of Darth Vader

Before I use the wooden spoon of death on my prisoner Jedi Knight don't let their partners get caught. You have much to learn peetwan Russ said with a playful swat on Alan exposed bum.

Peter stepped back but could find no opening.

Russ was laughing and the chips sounds of the breathing were filling the kitchen
Lay down you weapon young Jedi knight.
Then I will not use the wooden spoon of death here!
Peter laid down the super soaker.
Russ hung on to Alan and clicked off the chip sounds removing the helmet he kissed his lover soundly.
" And the Jedi Knight buys dinner tonight!"

He intoned in a not bad intimation of Darth Vader

The End

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