The Morning After

Peter padded down the stairs in the morning. He was dressed is his most
well washed sleep pants with no shirt and bare foot. The kitchen tiles
were cool on his feet, and he knew he should have put on some socks. He
clicked on the coffee maker and wandered into the laundry room. Ahhh
socks. Putting them on he went back to the kitchen. Grabbing his favorite
mug he set it next to the machine. The warm morning smell of coffee filled
the dim kitchen.

“Hey.” He grunted.

As Alan stumbled into the room. Running his hands though his black hair,
his eyes not yet functioning, rubbing his face he looked more a sleep
than awake. Peter got Alan's mug out he poured coffee for both. Peter got
the cream and sugar out. He set the mugs on the island. Alan wandered to
the captains chairs. He,sleepily pulled one out.

“Alan, I wouldn't if I were you,” Peter said, resting his forearms on
the island top

Alan stopped. Grimacing, he leaned carefully against the island.

“This sucks!” Alan whined.

"I can't sleep on my front. he pouted, You weren't doing it very well either.

"Russ is still out like a light, that brute! Why should he get to sleep? He
set my butt on fire," Alan voice was rising louder with the outrage of a spanked brat.

Peter grinned at him and took a sip of coffee. “It wasn't that bad boobie.”

Peter went over to Alan and rested his hand on Alan butt covered in a
thin pair of sleep pants. Alan hands quickly went to Peter's backside.
Alan tugging lightly, and Peter's well washed sleep pants fell to the
floor. Alan hand went to his lover's hips and turned him so his ass was in
full view. Alan sank to one knee and lightly kissed each of Peter still
pink cheeks, his tongue making butterfly licks on the warm blonde orbs.
Peter pulled him to his feet. His hands slid down, causing Alan's sleep
pants to puddle around his feet Peter's hand cupped the cheeks of his
lover still feeling a slight heat Peter pulled Alan to his body his
hand rubbing those cheeks lightly.

The two naked men were locked in an embrace in the dim kitchen. Being men a
nd just waking up their cocks were rubbing together. Alan's hands
cupped Peter's butt. Alan's head rested on Peter's shoulder, kissing his neck.

Peter chuckled deeply. “Hey Babe.”

He ground his hard cock into Alan's and tighten his embrace. Then he
slapped his hand lightly on Alan's bare butt.

“Hey!” Alan complained

“Come on, Alan.” Peter's hand gripped Alan's cock and stroked lightly.

Alan breath hitched. He grinned and stood back slightly his breath coming faster.

“What do you say we make breakfast for us all and go wake up the mean old
man with breakfast in bed.”

Peter chuckled pulling up Alan's sleep pants, and then his own.

Both men's cocks were hard and proudly sticking out of the flys of the sleep pants.

“Breakfast,” whined Alan looking at his hard on.

Peter chuckled


“Breakfast doesn't mean we HAVE to eat. But lets cover the tasty bits so
we don't get burned by the bacon,” Peter said.

Turning to the fridge, he pulled out bacon and eggs and frozen potatoes.

It shouldn't have taken them long to cook breakfast,but they kept stopping
to hug, to stroke, and to nibble each other.

Peter set up the tray with one plate covered in scrambled eggs and bacon.
Toast and jam were set next to them with the thermal jug of coffee, cream,
and sugar. Three glasses of juice and one of chocolate milk for Alan Peter
got out the silverware and the good napkins. They collected empty mugs
and other necessary things.

Peter carried the loaded tray and Alan trailing behind him As they reached
the landing they turned to the master bedroom.

Peter looked at the bed, Russ was still asleep under the covers. With a
grin, Alan tugged at Peters sleep pants. Peter stepped out of them. Then
made sure Alan's were off as well.

With a giggle of pure mischief, Alan slowly tugged the blankets off Russ and then spooned next to him.Rubbing his hard cock up Russ's thigh

“Breakfast, you mean old man. You want to get up and help out with this

Russ's eyes snapped open. His hand grabbed for Alan's cock, and then
grinned at the sight of Peter standing there. The breakfast tray in
his hands; his hard on proceeding him.

Alan kissed Russ deeply.

Russ returned the kiss and looked at his men.

“Well well breakfast in bed. I done died and gone to heaven!” he leered
at Alan and shot a smoldering look at Peter.

“What shall I eat first?"

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