What A Day

By Randy Williams

Alan moved his chair back from the desk. Glancing up at the call board, he was
happy to see the queue was empty. The last call had not been an easy one. He
made notes on the customer's record and sighed.

The call center had been hopping all day. The calls coming in were usually easy
to handle but the company that owned the call center had instituted some changes
the customers didn't like so the volume had been higher than normal and almost
each one was a complaint. He didn't think the new rules were going to help
anyone out and it seemed to him it was just a way for the company to make more
money in fines and fees. It had been a long day. His lunch break had been eaten
up by another call and he wasn't able to get out long enough to have any sort of
lunch. He stomach was roiling and he was getting a slight but noticeable
headache behind his eyes. The stress level was high in the call center and he
was having another bad day. Sara in the next cube had applied yet another spritz
of her flowery perfume. He sighed deeply and tried to breathe as shallowly as
possible. Alan didn't like to complain that the scent Sara used made his eye
water and caused him to sneeze.

"I'm sorry Alan, I got stressed and forgot." Sara said speaking around her cube.
"Please don't tell the old Bitch!" She pleaded in her most winning voice. It was
her real voice as opposed to her working voice and Alan grinned at her.

"Well if you get me a Diet Coke I might forgive you," he replied. "But please
cool it with that stuff."

Sara had been told that her choice of scent was not to be used so heavily and
had even got written up once before for wearing so much of it. Alan had not been
the one that complained, but still it had made the old Bitch pull out all her
manager/employee (charm) and it had been a hard couple of days last month. Alan
was pretty sure the person that had complained had been fired, but he wasn't
going to say that to Sara.

She grinned and put her phone out of system and left her cube. Alan never
figured out how she could keep doing that and survive, but she did. Shortly she
was back with a ice cold Diet Coke and a small bag of peanuts for Alan.

"They were out of cashews, sorry. Oh and just so you know, Kim is trying to make
some popcorn so you are warned," she said with a grimace.

A very short time later the stench of burnt popcorn wafted through the call
center. Alan put his head in his hands and groaned. He was hoping the protein in
the peanuts would help his stomach, but that smell was enough to make him
nauseous. He was sure that the clocks all had been sprayed with super glue
because they were just not moving. Finally 4 pm arrived and he clicked his phone
off system and began to gather his stuff to go home for the night. Dan, Marcus,
Brian, Kim and Sara all converged on his cube.

"Hey we are all going to the Office for a drink. It has been a bitch of a day",
Dan said, swinging his messenger bag back and forth. "Happy hour half-priced
drinks. Want to come?"

Alan thought for a second. His headache was pounding and his stomach was still a
bit upset but he was sure that was more hunger than nauseousness.

"I'll let the home front know", he replied and pulling out his cell he headed
for the hallway with the group. Peter picked up his phone on the second ring.

"Hello, Peter Jackson speaking", he said into the phone.

"Hello Peter Jackson, can I go get a drink with the guys from work? Mr Jackson,
huh huh, can I can I, Mr Jackson? Please Sir."

"Babe, you know I have to answer it like that so give me a break alright?" Peter
chuckled. "Why are you asking me? You know the rules. Ask Russ. You know, rule
number 15 or is it 1167 or something like that? We must know where we all are at
all times. God knows we can't just go and have some fun. Wait a second, why ARE

"Peter, come on, Mrs Wilson said he was in a meeting and then she asked if it
was important. You know she only does that when he is really tied up. So I
thought, since it IS rule 15, I would let you know where I was. So we are going
to the Office down the street and we are going to have a drink after work, OK?
That is why I am telling you. I ain't askin' you nothing, Bro. I'm just tellin'
you where I am going. OK. OK?"

"Alan," Peter said, "I don't know, if himself is backed up in a meeting and Mrs
Wilson would not break in, it is a fair bet old Russ will be a in a very bad
mood. Maybe you should just head home. Besides it's your turn to cook! But I'm a
nice guy, I'll cook if you wash. But really, boobie, call Russ and let him know
OK? He has gotten way too good with that paddle lately. I'd like to take that
cute ass of yours to bed without its night light red glow. Unless I put it
there. Or Russ puts it there all in a good time. But you're almost a big boy
now. You get in trouble your butt will pay. I ain't savin' your ass. Cute as it

"I'll call. I'll call," said Alan as he slipped his phone into his pocket.

The six of them left their cars in the lot and walked to block and a half to the
Office. It was one of the many bars in the city; mostly a place where you could
go to get a quick lunch or a drink. The bar had been trying to get customers in
for the night business and had started offering ½ priced drinks and a light
buffet for the happy hour customers. Alan headed to the buffet, looking at the
piles of chicken wings and potatoes skins. He stomach reminded him that he
missed lunch. At that thought his memory kicked in and he remembered a long
night writing the line...

{I will make time for lunch. I need to eat regular meals. Vending machines do
not serve lunch!}

...only about a zillion times the last time Russ discovered that he skipped
lunch. He got some chicken wings and some celery and went to find his friends
who had scored the one large table. Brian was returning from the bar with a tray
of drinks. He passed them out to everyone and Alan had a shot glass handed to
him. He looked at Brian.

"What's this?" he asked as Brian set a beer glass in front of him as well.

"It is called a boilermaker. A shot of whiskey with a beer back. What you do is
drop the shot glass in the beer and drink the entire thing down", Brian replied,
taking a long pull at his beer glass to make room for the shot glass to go into
the beer.

Sara giggled and took a long drink and showed Alan how to drop the shot glass in
the beer mug. Then she drank the entire thing down.

"See Alan easy," she said slamming down her empty mug. Marcus slammed his down
and grinned.

"They are lethal, but they are a good way to forget this rotten day."

Alan shrugged. He took a long pull at the beer and then dropped the shot glass
and then drank it down. Alan didn't usually drink hard liquor. His tastes ran to
beer and occasional mixed drinks. The whiskey hit his stomach along with the
beer. The taste of the whiskey was muted somewhat by the beer but the warm glow
in his stomach began to feel very good. He picked up a chicken wing as Marcus
went to the bar. They sat there and talked about work and the Bitch. Marcus
returned with the usual for all of them. Alan was happier with just the bottle
of beer.

He reached into his pocket and his hand touched his phone. He pulled it out and
walked to the outside patio, speed dialling Russ's office number.

~ ~

Peter browsed through the contents of the refrigerator. He pulled out three
large pork chops. He washed and wrapped the potatoes in foil. He seasoned the
chops and put them all in the oven. Then he went about making a salad. The house
phone rang. He picked it up with a hello.

"Hey lover boy," sighed Russ, grinning at the sound to Peter's voice.

"It looks like it will be a bit of a late night here honey, what time was Alan
making dinner for?" Since Alan had discovered baking, he also was expanding his
cooking abilities. Russ thought that that was just fine and was careful to be
sure he didn't run late when there was something Alan was trying to cook.

"I will be slaving at the oven tonight, Russ. I am sure I can cook a few pork
chops as well as Miss Julia Child could. He didn't call you?"

"Why should he call?" asked Russ.

"Ah well he called me and said Mrs Wilson said you were busy, so he told me, or
really asked me, if he could go to the Office with his work friends", Peter

"I see," Russ said slowly.

"He did call Russ, I told him I can't give that permission to him and he best be
calling good old Russ", Peter said with a grin, which Russ heard though the

"Who you callin' old, you young whippersnapper? I'll show you old. I prefer the
word `experienced'. Which I will show you when I get home, boy", Russ mock
growled at Peter's grinning voice.

"Oh Daddy, for that experienced bod, I'll be happy to cook. I know how you love
pork chops. I might dab a bit of pork behind my ear just to egg you on", Peter
said in his sexy bedroom voice. Russ laughed out loud.

"You get pork fat on those sheets, young man and I'll be warmin' some tail,
which might be a good idea. You are getting awful mouthy lately." Then he
sobered. "Well Lacey was right, I am backed up and I will be very late. They are
sending out here for dinner because these contracts have to be done by midnight.
If dinner has been started just go ahead and you and Alan eat", Russell said
knowing that it was not normal and if Lacey Wilson had told one of his boys he
could not talk, she was correct. She usually was. She didn't mind breaking into
his work day with calls from either Alan or Peter in a normal course of a
business day. She had met them both several times and thought they were just
what Russ needed.

"Well..." Peter replied. "Just you remember, that vending machines don't serve
meals as you had Alan write last week or we'll be talking with that paddle of
yours. You got me young man?" Peter said in a recognizable mimic of Russell's
Top voice.

"Mouthy, mouthy, mouthy!!" Russ chuckled. "Mind the home front sweetie, OK?"

"Love ya, Russ. I will." Peter replied and hung up the phone. He figured the
chops had been in too long to pull out again so he just set the oven temp lower
and went on with the salad.

~ ~ ~

The music at the Office was getting better. Alan had won one game of darts. Then
Marcus bet him double or nothing on a game of pool, the bet being a rounds of
drinks. Alan had little trouble winning. When he got back to the table the
chicken wings were gone and there was another beer at his place. He reached into
his pocket for the tip and his fingers touched the phone. Stepping outside on
the small patio he placed a call to Russ's office. The private line rang and
rang then there was no answer. Well he would try again in a minute. There was
another beer at his place. The whiskey and the three beers were beginning to
work on Alan's empty stomach. Then the work crew decided that they had stayed
long enough and all started to head back to the cars in the lot. Alan's hand
pulled out his phone. His finger automatically hit the speed dial for home.
Peter was looking at the chops and pinching the potatoes when the phone rang.
Seeing it was Alan he picked up the phone.

"Bon Appetite!" he said

"Pete, listen err well, ahh you know how Russ feels about driving right?"

Alan drawled as the beers made him miss a few vowels.

"Baby, where are you?" All sense of humour had disappeared from Peter's voice.

"We are walking back to the parking lot at work and well I don't stink I fud
drive," Alan muttered into the phone to the sympathetic looks of his work mates.

"Keep your hand off those keys darlin', help is on the way. Ten minutes max and
don't even thing about being upset that you called, K?" Peter said as he headed
for the door fishing his keys out of his pocket. Dropping the phone on the
island he set out to rescue his lover.

Less than 10 minute later Peter pulled into the parking lot. Alan was leaning
against his car Brain and Kim were talking to him and they all looked up when
Peter pulled up. Alan grinned and said good bye. He was a bit unsteady when he
opened the passenger door and fell into Peter's car.

Peter arms went around him in a firm hug kissing him on his forehead.

"Good boy, excellent . No driving while drinking. You get a pass because you
called", he whispered in Alan's ear. Peter waved to the co-workers and rolled
out of the lot heading for home. Peter glanced at his lover as they drove home.

"Just how much did you have to drink, Hon?" Peter asked in a quiet voice.

"I am not sure. They gave me a shot and a beer that you were supposed to drink
together, then a few more beers. I guess I would be better with something in my
stomach but I missed lunch again. You really don't have to tell Russ that you

"Babe, I won't lie for you. You know that," Peter said quietly.

"Pete I am not asking you to, but if he doesn't ask and maybe he won't, then you
don't have to volunteer like everything I did wrong, you know?" Alan said as he
leaned against the seat back closing his eyes.

The rest of the drive was quiet. Peter pulled into the drive and Alan looked for
Russ's car and sighed deeply that he didn't see it in the driveway.

"Maybe the condemned man can get inside before the Lord High Executioner gets

"Alan!" Peter said with a chuckle. "That is awful!"

"Well I swear I didn't do anything but forget to eat. You know how he is, he
busted me for it last week," replied Alan as he got out of the car. He leered at
Peter then hugged him.

"What can I do to take your mind off the things I have done, huh babe?" he
whispered as his hand started stroking Peter's back and then cupping his butt
through his jeans. Peter returned the hug and then swatted Alan on his butt.

"I am sure I can think of something, but you need a shower and I need to check
on dinner. Now git!"

He landed another swat on Alan's retreating backside. Alan giggled and headed
upstairs, rubbing his butt dramatically.

Peter checked the dinner and chops, which looked done and the potatoes were
soft. He clicked the oven to warm and followed Alan upstairs.

Peter heard the shower start. He grinned and removed his jeans and tee,
stripping off his briefs and socks as he tugged at his swelling cock and balls
and walked to the shower. Though the glass door of the large shower he could see
Alan's form. Peter watched for a minute scratching his chest and his balls, his
mind drifting into the totally sexual. Then he slowly opened the shower door and
stepped in. Alan had soap on his face and his hair was coated with shampoo.
Peter's arm snaked out, grabbing Alan by the waist and pulling him to his body.
The warm wet naked body of his lover tight against him felt so good. His cock
was resting in the cleft of Alan's butt. Peter whispered in Alan's ear, "I'll
wash your back babe."

He chuckled and his hand began to massage Alan's shoulders and down the smooth
skin of his back. Peter's hand played a bit with Alan's cock and balls.

"Hey!" giggled Alan. "That's NOT my back."

Alan turned and his arms went around Peter's neck pulling him down for a long
kiss. The warm water sluiced over them both. Then Peter moved Alan out of the
spray. Alan stood with his arms against the back of the shower wall as Peter
began to wash his lover's body. The body wash glided over the warm skin and
Peter's hands washed Alan's back and his arm pits, then cupping and washing his
warm wet male ass. Alan turned and dropped to his knees and took Peter's growing
hard-on into his mouth and began to lick and suck his man's cock, playing his
tongue over the head and under the crown. Alan's hands were roaming over Peter's
ass and lower back. Peter felt his cock respond and he pulled Alan to his feet.

"No, shower quickly today my lad," Peter said as he kissed Alan's mouth.

Alan had either used mouthwash or brushed his teeth because the stale beer smell
was gone and he returned the kiss with interest.

Both guys washed and rinsed each other. Alan's drinking seemed to wash down the
drain. Peter shut off the shower and stepped out grabbing a towel and handing
one back. Alan took the towel and began to dry Peter's wet body, taking his time
kissing and nibbling as he tried to dry Peter off. Peter wrapped Alan in the
huge bath sheet. They entered the bedroom. The towels fell to the floor.

Peter grabbed Alan and bent him over his naked lap.

"Now Alan, what did Russ say about lunch?" he growled as his hand landed with a
firm swat.

"I was not to forget, OUCH, to, OUCH, to eat," laughed Alan as he humped his
butt up in the air.

"That's right little man," Peter said. "It's time to pay the piper!"

With that Peter's arm held Alan in place as his hand began to spank that
upturned butt. The licks were not as hard as a real spanking however they did
sting; the warm glow began to sink into Alan's body. He could feel Peter's cock
under him growing and poking him in the belly and he knew Peter could feel his
own hard cock against his warm thigh.

"I told you one of us was going to turn this cute butt into a nice shade of
night light red boy and it looks like this time it is up to me," Peter mock
growled as he kept spanking that wiggling bare butt. Alan was humping his ass up
in the air as each lick landed, moaning and gasping.

"Oh Pete, I've been a bad boy," he moaned as a hard lick crack across his cheek.
With a twist he got out from under Peter arm and pushed Peter back on the bed.

"I plan to be even badder," he quipped as his mouth dove for Peter's hard cock.
Taking it deep down his throat, he buried his face in the clean scent of Peter's
pubes. Alan's throat muscles worked that hard shaft. Peter groaned and his arm
went wide on the bed as Alan's cock sucking talent overcame his spanking desire.

He loved the way Alan could take either his or Russ's cock and just keep it down
there. It was a talent and he knew better to grab Alan's head or try to guide
the warm wet mouth. Alan loved the feeling of the cock in his mouth and he had
worked hard to learn how to give good head. He loved it when he could look up
and see the look on his man's eyes as they went all soft and dreamy. He released
Peter's cock and reached for the lube.

Alan placed his body over two pillows, his ass open and waiting as Peter lubed
up his hard cock then Peter's finger entered Alan making sure he was well lubed
and relaxed. Peter knew this was not an easy thing, but Alan loved the
surrender. Peter slowly entered that warm pink glowing butt, gritting his teeth
to make it slow and easy. He could feel his pubes scrap against the hot spanked
flesh of Alan's butt cheeks.

"You OK babe?" he grunted.

Alan nodded and Peter began to rock. Slowly he began to slide in and out of that
hot spanked butt. Alan was moaning and Peter was grunting. As his cock nudged
Alan's prostate, Peter was kissing on the back of Alan neck and the scent of
body wash was being replaced by the fresh scent of male sweat.

"Peter," gasped Alan, "Yes Pete, yes. Now. Please let me have it, please Peter,
give it to me."

The raunchy sex talk was so hot and none of them were stoic, but Alan was a
master at it and he could almost make Peter shoot by just talking dirty to him.
Peter moaned and pulled out of Alan. Stripping off the condom, he flipped Alan
over and they were soon face to cock, licking and stroking each other. With a
strangled cry, Alan's cock began to shoot and that was all Peter needed to tip
him over the edge. Both guys' cock shot load after load and then collapsed on
the bed. Peter grabbed one of the towels and, while Alan was gasping and panting
and kissing Peter's chest and belly, he cleaned them both up.

Both men lay next to each other, Alan encircled in Peter's arms his face pressed
against Peter's neck as they both drifted off.

~ ~ ~

Lacey Wilson walked into the conference room. Russ was slouched in his chair.
His tie was down and he looked up.

"Well Boss it looks like you all done it."

"Yeah?" he sighed, but the contracts were signed.

`That will help keep the home front going for another three years', he thought.

He knew he had to get up. Lacey was moving about picking up the high end
restaurant take out boxes then, beginning to put the room in some sort of order.
Russ sipped his lukewarm coffee and shook his head. He stood up and got a bottle
of water and drank deep.

"Yeah Lace, we are done here. Done for the night and for the next day. You have
the PA's take over and you and I will get some rest."

Lacey Wilson grinned and nodded. She would be at her desk by 8 am as usual and
they both knew it, but that didn't mean Russ had to. After all, he had done all
the work. The contacts were done and he had saved the day. She would be able to
take any action and, if she needed to, she could call him at home. The PA's were
good, trained by her, and Russ knew they could keep the office ticking over like
a Swiss watch.

~ ~ ~

Russ pulled his car into the driveway. He saw Peter's car and the kitchen lights
were on. It was past midnight. He entered his home though the kitchen. He went
to the oven and opened it. The chops looked done and he pulled them out and
placed them in the plastic container the potatoes in another one. He shut off
the oven and walked into the living room, then on to the study. He went to the
small bar and poured a stiff drink. He took the drink and sat down in his chair.
He took a pull from the drink and sighed. He never drank at the office and it
was not often at home.

"Home from the salt mines boy?" Art appeared on the couch and grinned at him.
"You look tired Russell. Did you eat today?" Art asked.

"Yes mother I did. It was a long day, but we finished and the work is done and I
am home. Where are the boys?" Russ asked taking another pull of his drink. Art

"Well your brats are in bed, fucked out and sleeping like a couple of babies.
How come they get to party and you are down here? I thought the Top got all the
goodies." Art laughed.

"Oh shut up, old man did you get your rocks off watching? A pervert ghost," Russ

"Boy! You know better and I taught you better! You best loose that mouth, old
man! Boy, one of these days, I am going to learn how to be solid and you and I
will have a talk about your attitude. My hand will do the talking and your butt
will listen," Art replied in his best Top drawl.

Russ smiled at the feeling of submissiveness that shot through his body.

"Sorry Sir," he said. "It's been one hell of a day and I am tired, besides you
started it."

"Well you best watch your mouth, that's all I'm sayin'," Art said.

"Wait a second, where is Alan's car?" Russ asked.

"Well boy from what I was able to put together, Alan went out for a drink or
five after work. He was feeling the drinks and he called Peter to come and get
him. Then they got home and Peter sent him up for a shower and he joined him and
they ended up in bed. I expect that Alan might feel just a tad delicate in the
morning. Apparently he is as bad as another brat I know and forgot or didn't get
to eat, so the drinks hit him hard. I don't think he drank enough water or took
any aspirin, so you might have a hung over brat in the morning," Art reported.
Grinning at his brat, Art continued, "You know, if they ever find out about me
you are going to lose the magical Top ability to know what is going on."

Russ chuckled and looked at Art, letting all the love he felt for this man show
in his eyes.

"You know if you being solid got me a hard spanking it would be OK because then
I could hug you and hold you."

"You are a lovely man, you were a great brat and you have become a fine Top,
Russell. Now if I am not mistaken there are two young men that might be very
happy to have you wake them up."

With that Art vanished.

Russ drained his drink taking it to the kitchen. He went through the house
shutting it down and checking the doors as he headed upstairs. The upstairs was
dim but with the light in the bath he got into the shower. He let the hot water
cascade over his body as he washed the stress and grime from the day. The
contracts were done and they would be a good business move. He could now go on
to his other plans. The contracts were a good first step and he was sure they
would help out as the business expanded. He towelled himself dry and dabbed just
a touch if his cologne on his throat. He shut down the light and entered the bed
room. He stopped and just stared two young men were intertwined. They looked
like something in a Greek mural. They were asleep. In sleep both looked so
innocent, peaceful and not at all like they did when they were awake. Alan was
snoring softly. Peter was pressed against Alan's back. In the dim light of the
electronics on the bedside tables they looked unearthly.

Russ climbed into the large bed behind Peter and snuggled up to the warm skin of
his oldest brat. He didn't bother with sleep pants tonight since both the guys
were naked as well. Peter muttered and gently rolled over into Russell's
embrace. He kissed Russ.

"Hmm you taste like scotch, good scotch." He kissed again. "Yup, very good
scotch", he reaffirmed.

Russ returned the kiss and pulled Peter to him. Peter's mouth went to his nipple
and nipped it then licked his tongue over to the other one, taking a nip then
another lick. Russ's nipple grew hard and his cock began to swell. Russ kissed
Peter hard and then in a whisper, "I believe we have something to discuss about
experience and youth", as his hand started to grope Peter's soft cock, tugging
it and stroking it and he sighed as it began to swell.

"We do", chuckled Peter, as his hand found Russ's growing hard on and began to
stroke it.

As Peter played with Russ's cock he bent his head to kiss down his neck to his
chest, nibbling. He lapped at Russ's nipple and rolled it lightly with his
teeth. Russ gasped as the light bite sent a shiver down his body. His hand
released Peter's hard cock and ran up Peter's hard body tweaking his nipple with
his fingers. Then, kneeling over his lover, his cock was taken deep into Peter's
warm wet mouth. Peter played with the foreskin as Russ's hand reached back to
tease Peter's cock and his soft heavy nuts. Peter rolled and laid down flat on
his belly. Russ ran his hands up the broad shoulders and then down to the firm
butt of his lover. Reaching for the condom and lube he then slowly entered
Peter. As Russ entered Peter he marvelled at his men. Peter was young and
strong. As Russ thrust deep he came to rest his hips against those firm yet soft
cheeks. He loved that feeling. He could feel Peter's body respond. Peter was
solid and firm he could take Russ and they began to thrust. Alan was more
quicksilver, not as solid and Russ loved them both. He loved the feeling of
power that Peter held contained as much as he loved the wiggling, giddy motions
of Alan. He was thrusting and climbing. He felt alive and warm and his cock was
getting harder. Peter was gasping. Russ nibbled the back of Peter's neck and
thrust deeply feeling Peter shudder. It was so good, so warm, so right. They
were together. Their moments were as one raising and thrusting deeper and
harder. Peter knelt with his shoulders on the bed, his male butt up and full as
Russ drove deeper. Holding himself tight against Peter, he reached down, his
hand coming away wet and sticky. He stroked, playing with Peter's cock, hearing
his breath come faster and beginning to rasp. Russ slowed down and pulled back,
then entered again. Peter gasped. Russ whispered, "Experience young man,
experience." With a deep shudder he came as Peter's body locked him inside,
both of them coming together. Russ finished, laying across Peter's sturdy frame
panting. Peter was moaning, "Oh man. Oh Russ."

Russ grabbed for his towel and tidied them both up and then Peter collapsed on
his back, his arms wide, one almost hitting Alan who remained deeply asleep.
Russ rolled over Peter and ended up in the center as Peter rested his head on
Russ's heaving chest. Russ flipped the sheet back over them and his hand felt
the heat coming from Alan exposed butt. He looked at Peter, his eyes grinning in
the dim light. He looked at his younger lover's butt still showing a nice warm

"Was that for not eating lunch?"

"Hey, he got drunk and called babe. I wasn't going to punish him for that. That
is your job, you big bad Top. We just went to bed. You know how he is when he is
loopy!" Peter chuckled, remembering the fun they had. "We played around. Yeah it
was the excuse but we both know it was just a trumped up charge so I could get
that sweet ass all nice and warm and hot."

"Did either of you eat anything at all?" Russ asked, drawing Peter into a one
armed embrace.

"I put the pork chops and potatoes away."

Peter kissed him lightly. "I'm more sleepy than hungry. That experienced bod of
yours has worn me out", chuckled Peter, drawing deeper into the hug.

Russ kissed him lightly on his temple and then Peter closed his eyes and was
asleep, his head resting on Russ's chest. Russ sighed. It had been a long day he
thought as he drifted off to sleep.

The End

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